Recently Viewed Properties
City Heights
Tax Credit
Built: 2014
Total Units: 98
Joe Moretti Preservation Ph. 1
Tax Credit & Government-subsidized
Built: 2014
Total Units: 116
205 South Division Avenue
Market-rate & Tax Credit
Built: 2013
Total Units: 38
Parsons Village
Tax Credit
Built: 2015
Total Units: 56
Neighborhood House I & II
Tax Credit
Built: 1995
Total Units: 46
Governor's Terrace
Built: 1950
Renovated: 1997
Total Units: 60
Eden House
Tax Credit
Built: 1996
Total Units: 52
R Street
Tax Credit
Built: 1912
Renovated: 2008
Total Units: 130
Trinity Towers
Tax Credit
Built: 1975
Renovated: 2004
Total Units: 122
Wardman Court Apts.
Tax Credit
Built: 1816
Renovated: 2001
Total Units: 152
1474 Chapin St. NW
Tax Credit
Built: 1960
Renovated: 2004
Total Units: 15
Totten Towers
Tax Credit
Built: 2004
Total Units: 80
Vogt Strategic Insights (VSI) provides market analyses and market feasibility studies for a range of real estate alternatives, including affordable and market-rate apartments, condominiums, single-family developments, senior living alternatives, commercial space and mixed-use developments. VSI also provides a full range of mapping and demographic services using geographic information systems. Our services include preliminary evaluations, full site-specific feasibility studies, as well as overall needs assessments.
The VSI Appraisal Group specializes in appraising multifamily properties and is staffed by individuals with extensive experience analyzing market-rate and restricted rent properties. Our appraisal personnel have conducted appraisals for a variety of federal programs and for properties developed within the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. In addition, VSI Appraisal Group staff has experience conducting appraisals for office, retail and industrial properties, mixed-use and special purpose properties, such as student housing, schools and hotels.
Even the most thorough, in-depth market analysis begins with basic demographic and competitive property information. That's why VSI created the interactive research center. These tools will provide preliminary market information so you can investigate general market conditions before you start the development or acquisition process. Together, these new tools provide a glimpse into a market's conditions. With basic information and our experience in thousands of markets nationwide, VSI can provide a comprehensive analysis for any market.
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